Park Board

The City of Lennox and the Park and Recreation Advisory Board will work in cooperation with the community to provide an opportunity to learn and develop the basic mental and physical skills of various recreational sports. We are committed to fostering a sense of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and the rewards of effort to promote positive social, emotional, and physical development in our players. It is also our goal to help create positive memories that will last a lifetime and transfer to success in all areas of life.

Park Board Members

Park Board Members

  • Saylor Benson

  • Kelli Boomgarden

  • Kristi Droge

  • Clint Johnson

  • Steve Kruse

  • Kelsey Soukup

City Staff

  • Trey Manitz, Park & Rec Manager

  • Drew Sweeter, Parks & Street Maintenance Specialist

  • Nathan Vander Plaats, City Administrator