Zoning and Building Services

Building Permits

The City of Lennox requires building permits for most building projects under the 2021 versions of the International Building Code and the International Residential Code. The Building Services Department is staffed by a part-time position shared with the City of Hartford, and the Building Inspector is in Lennox on Mondays, Wednesdays, and alternating Friday mornings.

Building Permit Checklist:

Legal Description of Property

Lot Drawing of Project (must include the following)

  • Directionals

  • Property Dimensions

  • Street Locations

  • Existing Structures

  • Set Backs

  • Distance from improvements to other structures

Contractors contact information

Building permit value and fee

Permit applications can be obtained at the city office located at 107 S. Main or printed off below.

Fees for permits are based on the estimated value of the work being done. The minimum fee is $20.00. If you have questions about a building project, you may contact the city office 605-647-2286.


Adopted International Building Code

Adopted International Residential Code

Adopted International Property Maintenance Code

Lennox Zoning Map

Text: South Dakota One Call 811 besides a shovel in some dirt

Call Before You Dig!

You can make your locate requests online using ONTRY or by simply calling 811 or outside of South Dakota  800.781.7474 . Locate requests are accepted 24/7.  Call two working days before the planned work. Homeowners and landowners planning their own excavation activities are required to notify South Dakota One Call.

Code Enforcement

The City of Lennox strives to maintain voluntary compliance with the International Property Maintenance Code. If you feel a property is in violation of the City's ordinance, you may file a complaint with the Code Official. The Code Official will be responsible for investigating and mitigating any violations.

To file a complaint, please complete the Citizen Complaint Form and return it to City Hall at 107 S Main Street, or email it to Kyle Christensen at codes@hartfordsd.us